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Fox & Goose


Fox & Goose
LE67 3JE

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Information about words in this venue name


1. any of several carnivores of the dog family, esp. those of the genus Vulpes, smaller than wolves, having a pointed, slightly upturned muzzle, erect ears, and a long, bushy tail.
2. the fur of this animal.
3. a cunning or crafty person.
4. a member of a tribe of North American Algonquian Indians, formerly in Wisconsin, later merged with the Sauk tribe.
5. the Algonquian language of the Fox, Sauk, and Kickapoo Indians.
6. Bible.a scavenger, perhaps the jackal. Psalms 63:10; Lam. 5:18.
7. a word formerly used in communications to represent the letter F: replaced by Foxtrot.
8. Slang.an attractive young woman or young man.
1. fox, canine, canid
usage: alert carnivorous mammal with pointed muzzle and ears and a bushy tail; most are predators that do not hunt in packs
2. dodger, fox, slyboots, deceiver, cheat, cheater, trickster, beguiler, slicker
usage: a shifty deceptive person
3. fox, fur, pelt
usage: the gray or reddish-brown fur of a fox
4. Fox, Charles James Fox, statesman, solon, national leader
usage: English statesman who supported American independence and the French Revolution
5. Fox, George Fox, religionist, religious person
usage: English religious leader who founded the Society of Friends
6. Fox, Algonquian, Algonquin
usage: a member of an Algonquian people formerly living west of Lake Michigan along the Fox River
7. Fox, Algonquian, Algonquin, Algonquian language
usage: the Algonquian language of the Fox people


1. goose, anseriform bird
usage: web-footed long-necked typically gregarious migratory aquatic birds usually larger and less aquatic than ducks
2. fathead, goof, goofball, bozo, jackass, goose, cuckoo, twat, zany, fool, sap, saphead, muggins, tomfool
usage: a man who is a stupid incompetent fool
3. goose, poultry
usage: flesh of a goose (domestic or wild)
goose, common name for large wild and domesticated swimming birds related to the duck and the swan. Strictly speaking, the term goose is applied to the female and gander to the male. In North America the wild (or Canada) goose, Branta canadensis, is known by its honking call and by the migrating V-shaped flocks in spring and fall. Other wild geese are the brant (any species of the genus Branta, particularly B. bernicla) and the blue, snow, and white-fronted (or laughing) geese. Among the domestic geese are the popular Toulouse (or gray) goose (descended from the graylag, Anser anser, of Europe), the African goose, the Embden goose, and the Asian breeds (developed from the wild Chinese goose). Geese were raised in ancient times by the Romans and other Europeans and were sacred in Egypt 4,000 years ago. Forcible feeding is used to fatten geese and to enlarge the liver for use in making pâté de foie gras. Geese are classifed in the phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata, class Aves, order Anseriformes, family Anatidae.


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